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Best Child Tracking Apps for Android


Top Reliable And Best Child Tracking Apps for Android

Parents are the only ones that remain connected with continue well-being of kids. However, there comes a time when everything seems to fall apart due to the behavior of kids. Parents can even consider someone has done something wrong with their kid or someone is bullying the kid that’s why he/she remains out of control. Smartphone has opened the doors for hackers and spammers. Now, anyone, no matter where he/she resides can track or steal information about anyone. Yeah! You heard right. If you wish to safeguard your kid from all such non-sense then get a tracking application soon.

Top five reliable and Best Child Tracking Apps for Android


Top  child-tracking apps for Android devices:

Given below are five tracking apps especially designed and created for parents so that they can know what’s going on kid’s smartphone at late night?

#1 The Spyactivity Program

Undoubtedly, The Spyactivity is one of the renowned and leading child tracking or monitoring application for parents.  It is like a gift to parents who wish to keep an eye over their kid for every single moment. It is known that sometimes intentionally don’t tell where are they going, whom they are going and where they have been for a long time. So, it is the duty of the responsible parent to keep the kid under their shoes so that they don’t get indulge in bad or inappropriate activities.

That’s why The SpyActivity comes into existence. The installation and downloading process is simple and takes around five minutes. Once you have installed the application, you will be able to spy on your kid easily. It is an all-in-one application that can be used as a troubleshooter. You get an opportunity to have full access over the kid’s smartphone data such as photos, videos, messages, and browser history. Parents can save their kid from the unwanted situation and cyberbullying.


  • It can detect the real-time location of the suspect using GPS tracker
  • Parents can easily handle web-based interface or dashboard no matter where they are, thus information from the suspect device can be acquired thoroughly
  • The dashboard allows the user to remotely monitor, besides getting information about messages, notes, browser data, call history, and location
  • All the needed data from the suspect device can be traced using interactive and innovative dashboard


  • Its setting up is easier when one wishes to spy kid’s android
  • It doesn’t consume much phone battery as it runs in the background
  • Instant location monitoring is possible


#5 Track My Phone


Track My Phone is the new version of TrackMyPhone that got developed in order to track people such as kids, spouse, and employees. In addition to this, elder one can also be tracked using it. The dedication of offering a reliable customer service by Track My Phone seems to be the only reason for its popularity. You can send or make a request for accessing of the kid, employee or spouse location at the specific or live location. If you stay connected with it, all of your worries and tension would vanish in a few minutes, because as long as you install it on your device, tracking of information starts automatically.


  • Real-time location accessing is possible with Track My Phone. You can even use it to track family members
  • Stay connected with your kid’s friend circle using the in-application message feature
  • Without letting the child informed about it, you can keep eyes on them 24×7


  • Cell phone tracking becomes effective and efficient using it
  • Easy monitoring and use of the application is possible
  • It is highly and thoroughly compatible on devices such as Android 4.0.3 and above

Price- Free