How To Change Grades Online Permanently
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How To Change Grades Online Permanently


Has anyone told you that you can change your grades on your school portal to edit your school grades permanently. Yes, you can change your grades online and fix your bad grades.

Take a look at how grades can be changed with simple concepts of all grade hacks. This article goes straight to the point and show you how grades can be edited with easy means.

How to hack your school website

Its a step to the right direction but it require lot of skill and techniques to hack grades and sometimes it might work but if you are changing grades to permanently then you require lots of work and skill.

To change your grades on your student portal, what you need is certificate on major computer skill on database penetration, network testing and finding vulnerability.

You can alter your report cards without the help of a hacker with this simple steps to changes your grades. It was really talked about grade change on one of the forum. How to change your school grades

  1. Open your Online Grades. For me my school uses Canvas. However, this method works 99% of the time on any site
  2. Press the F12 Button on your Keyboard. Should look a little something like this:
  3. Look down on at the Console (This is what you call the F12 Menu Thingy) and find a little magnifying glass. It should be labeled: Inspect Element
  4. Hover your mouse over your grade or percentage and click.
  5. On the line of coding a certain part should be highlighted. On the Left of the code there should be an arrow pointing to it. You now want to “Expand the Code” by clicking on it.
  6. Scroll down until you find the percentage or grade letter listed in the “Expanded Code”. Double Click and change the value.
  7. Hit Enter and you are in. The grade or value should be changed. To remove the Console hit F12 again and it should be gone. Show your grades to your parents or print it out!

I will gladly guide you on how grades can be alter with easy steps and guide.

Also, where to find a hacker to hire for more guide. Pro