How To Hack A University Database
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How To Hack A University Database


This is an Inspiring story shared by one college student in the university of Santa Monica, California.


Hello guys , after graduate from the high school i was interesting about hacking and penetration testing , so my full mind was surrounded about web application hacking , i started learning some script kiddie stuff at the beginning , after i get signed up in my university the first idea came up to my mind was to start penetrate testing to my university website , but before that i was getting some knowledge about recon and information gathering , the first step was to know how the website work and which cms was uploaded , the website was working with joomla 1.5 cms , i was searching about exploit of that version . i found a funny exploit of that version in exploit-db it was Remote Admin Change Password you can check it here on, i hurry up to test it but with no result they was patched the vulnerability.
I was loosing lot of time by searching for exploit to that version of cms , so i go up to search about folders and files in the website i started with and i was so depressed due to poor grades in the University of Santa Monica, California.

Everything changed when i encountered some professionals in DeepWeb and they are the Greatest hackers in the World as for me.

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