How to spy on boyfriends Facebook messages
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How to spy on boyfriends Facebook messages


How to spy on boyfriends Facebook messages


Trust is an essential element of every relationship; however, some people do not hesitate to cross the line.  Trust issues might not be good for a relationship however one should not be entirely trusted as we all are humans. If weird messages or photos in your boyfriend’s cells bother you, but you are not sure about it then why not to consider spy applications? It’s time for your tears to be wiped off and take some actions to remove your confusion. I know many of you want to know as for how to spy boyfriends Facebook messages? Well, there are lots of spy applications plus most of them work efficiently on mobile phones.


How to spy on boyfriends Facebook messages

How to spy on boyfriends Facebook messages

Fetch out his mobile data and Facebook messages

Spying should be done with smartness, and us girls are very wrong in it. Keep in mind that boys are very clever so you should not leave any evidence your investigation. At first, let’s talk about the things required for it. Later on, we discuss the mistakes one should avoid while downloading this software.

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What will you need for spying?

The primary requirement is the cell phone of your boyfriend as the spying software will be installed in it. Next thing you required is an e-mail id from which you can register with the interference account.  The last one is smartness and bright work as, without it, your every effort is just useless.

  • Grab your men phone while he is busy in something like playing games or watching a movie. Guys forget the whole world when they are busy with their Xbox of play station.
  • Download your selected spying software but when you finish all the downloading and installing thing, then erase your browsing history. Well, this doesn’t mean that you delete the entire history as it will make your suspicious in the eye of your guy. Don’t give them a reason to doubt you.
  • In the next step, open the inbox of your e-mail and look for the credentials. Through it, you can log in to your account and watch his every multimedia stuff along with Facebook messages.
  • Besides this, if this is your first experience with the spy application then it is more than just reading others messages.
  • Its multiple features like cell phone tracking, GPS, call log information, etc. which give you an overview of your boyfriend’s cell phone details.
  • Also, you will get a real-time tracking, so you will not have to wait for the information to drop in your e-mail box.
  • I suggest you not to get all updates of your boyfriend through a visible notification popping at the top of your phone. It is possible that your boyfriend is using your phone and such notifications will end your game.
  • Always keep your notifications hidden plus install a separate application like “vault” for keeping such confidential information of your boyfriend.


Although spy applications sound useful in the case of any stains in your relationship, sit together and talk. Also, do show your guy details to someone who is not trustworthy. Besides this, Spyactivity application is also a good option.



Written By Paul Guilbert

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