How to Spy on Cell Phone without Installing Software on Target Phone?
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How to Spy on Cell Phone without Installing Software on Target Phone?


Do you doubt your child continuously for what they are doing on their phone?  Do you see that your lover is hiding something? Do not take tension as we are going to suggest a solution to this problem and will tell you that how can you hack the SMS of the target phone and find the truth your kids are hiding. There are many spyware which is not crucial to use but there are some good ones too. This is the reason why people still trust this spyware and make use of it to make their life better!

One such trusted and highly utilized app is the SpyActivity. This spyware comes with advanced features and better functions to make your life easier. You can track the SMS of the target phone without installing this software on the target phone using this spyware. When you install the spyware on the target phone and carry out the spying function then there is a risk of being detected and that target person can uninstall the app.

However, SpyActivity is such software which you need not install on the target phone but you have to install it in your phone so as to start spying. There is needed a user account for the access control board. To make an account there is important to sign up from SpyAdvice sign up page. Once, you open an account there you will find the page where you will be asked about the target phone details. It is necessary that you fill all the details asked on the page and submit so as to hack the target phone.

Why need SpyActivity for track SMS Messages??

Target phone is hacked by SpyActivity as soon as you submit the details and you can monitor their activity now! This how you make use of this spyware! Now, let’s see the need of SMS tracker.  You may be wondering why to spy on SMS? Here is the answer-

Catch the cheating employee

Your employee can cheat you anytime and you cannot completely trust them. In this world where there is hard competition and everyone wants to prove themselves best, it becomes hard to believe in people. Your employ can cheat you and your competitors may offer huge money to your employee for stealing your company’s project and selling them. So, in order to know whether your employee is in contact with your enemy, you can use SMS tracker of the SpyAdvice.

Catch the cheating lover

Your other half is the one whom you love the most and you are going to stay with them all through your life. If there is some abnormal behavior seen from your partner in that case you need to find out that are they really loyal or they are just fooling you. You can use SMS tracker to track their SMS and see what they are up to. They may be involved in an affair with men/women from their past. You need to break into the device of your spouse and find the truth they hide you from long.

Catch your cheating kids

Your kids plan to go somewhere says pub, lounge or bar with their friends and they do not tell you. They lie to you and move out of the house then you keep waiting for them to return but when they come you scold them still they lie to you. You know they are lying to you but you lack any proof to make your kids feel guilty for lying to their parents.  You need to collect the proof, using this SpyAdvice you can collect enough proof and catch your kids when they lie to you. You can also, teach a lesson to them which they remember throughout their life and never repeat the same mistake ever again.



Don’t let your kids cheat, don’t let your lover play with your emotions and don’t let cheater from the workplace escape. If you let them play with your emotion today than tomorrow you will face the risks later.