How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone
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How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone


Learn Spying on WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone – Using SpyActivity app

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular tools nowadays. The young people particularly teenagers are spending most of the time using such apps for communicating with others. The reason for most of the parents doing worrying is the kids could be involved fully with questionable character. The problem is that at a time it might be difficult for one verifying that with whom your child is taking especially at IM app that is created in such a way to be fully private.

Learn Spying on WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone - Using GuestSpy app

Learn Spying on WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone – Using SpyActivity app

There are numerous ways available for parents to track the activities of kids online. You as a parent can choose the tracking app for restricting on kid’s activities to such apps or you can spy on those activities. If you are seeking for the best way to spy down the WhatsApp message of kids without target device, continue on reading the article to discover how.

SpyActivity for WhatsApp spying

IM app like WhatsApp can be a greater benefit to your kid. This is the time when they are learning about themselves, getting knowing who they are and forging lifelong bonding. On other hands, some unscrupulous people use social media apps just for mischievous activities. It is uncommon hearing pedophiles using social media for luring the victim or individual trafficking outfitting targeting youngsters using social sites. Knowing how you can track kid’s activities over WhatsApp is the way one can protect them from big dangers. Just catch the issue before it escalating without any interference with child normal growth.


How to spy WhatsApp with no target device

So, the situation has arisen when you are forced to spy on the device of your kids. How are you going to do that? Spyactivity is the right answer for you to do spying over the children WhatsApp activities. It is really the most popular app as it is easy for one to use and gives lots of information about the suspect device. A user needs to go to the official site ( and then download the app in both devices, create a user account and through control panel access all data. One can install it for free and can go for the free trial version and see its working. When buys it, all the available features can be accessed.



  • The installation process and accessing the data is a lot easier.
  • A user can use it to delete or for blocking the data from the suspect phone.
  • It easily monitors all information like calls, SMS, WhatsApp, FacebookInstagram etc.
  • Navigating control panel is easier and allows hacker in accessing complete data that one needs.
  • It is 100% safer and secured, means undetectable.
  • Through keylogger feature, capturing all the typed words are easier.
  • GPS location tracking feature allows one in knowing the real-time location of the device (100% accurately).
  • Recording phone calls are possible by selecting the caller number and setting on automatic recording mode.



This is all about how to spy WhatsApp with the target device. No doubt the SPyActivity has become best because of effectiveness in its working. You can definitely use for discovering all about kids/spouse WhatsApp activities.