How to track My Husband’s text messages
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How to track My Husband’s text messages


Way to Track text messages for free of my husband phone

Text messaging is the activity that is mostly done on a mobile phone. There are many secretive things that take place through it. It also has caused in relations distribution with spouse and kids. Therefore it becomes quite essential for one to do the spying on another person text messages. Particularly the relationship between husband and wife is strained and today the spouse has started hiding the things from each other. Keeping this thing in mind, spying on text messages on husband device becomes a must for knowing the truth and ensures relationship safety.

Today the spyware named The SpyActivity is introduced by the software developers with the cleat motive of effectively spying on person’s device. This tool is providing excellent spying experience on husband text messages without paying money.

How to track the husband text messages using it via The SpyActivity

How to track the husband text messages using it via ThetruthSpy

Before proceeding to spy, remember that it’s not essential for one to be a tech geek. A hacker has to just visit the official website of the app using the link ( A hacker is required to do the registration and create a user account. Install the tool into the victim device activate the app by checking on the terms and policies. Tap on start option to activate the tool. The tool icon will automatically get deleted.

Once the app is installed, go to the phone to complete the process of setup and then you as a hacker will be redirected to the app control panel. With the access of internet connection, victim phone will relay the data to the app so a hacker can monitor it through the control panel. Tap on message option and all the details will be displayed at the control panel.

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Features to know of the tracking tool

  • Tracking location The app helps in location tracking of the person. This is due to the GPS system presence. The app is SMS location tracker that is providing complete details of the location of messages sent and received. A wife can track the husband location from where he receives and sends the messages. It has the option of control panel that tells the accurate location of the messaging.
  • Accessing full text messages The Spyactivity app is offering a complete record of outgoing and incoming text messages from the victim device. The only way to know all the text messages is by installing the wizard and hiding it in the husband device. All the information even the deleted data will be provided by the app. When the app is installed, the text messages are detected and all messages get uploaded as it is on the control panel of spyware. Now spying on husband phone message becomes a lot easier


So these are the features offered by the app. Through it hacking on husband device becomes easier and all the doubts will be easily cleared that one could have. In this way, the relationship can be improved easily. So start hacking to know all the truth behind the strange attitude of the partner through the app and make relationship safe completely.