2 way to hack Facebook password from mobile and computer
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2 way to hack Facebook password from mobile and computer


Get best 5 way to hack Facebook password from mobile and computer

There is no doubt to say that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that is used by large numbers of users. It is having greater advantages as well as disadvantages. Today there are different hacking tools are made available that allows a person to hack others Facebook password and make misuse of it. Being a caring parent of the children they would definitely like to know why and for what purpose their kid is using the Facebook account. The parents mainly want to know all the Facebook activities they do so that they can give them protection from getting into false hands.

Get best 5 way to hack Facebook password from mobile and computer


But what can parents do, as it is not possible to keep their kids device always with them and also impossible to follow throughout the day. Now a parent need not have to do the worries about the children as protection can be given through Facebook password hacking using own device. There are many effective ways of hacking the password of the Facebook account. Here we are listing the top 5 ways that you must know.


Best Two ways On Facebook Password Hacking

Way 1: The SpyActivity Program

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Amazing option for hacking the Facebook password is The SpyActivity. It permits a hacker in hacking all the activities done on mobile. No doubt this app is amazing and allows a hacker in easily fetching the password of the Facebook. This app is user-friendly that is making it very much easy to use. The compatibility, reliability is making the app trust worthier. Many commendable features are offered by the app that is helping one in undergoing full spying. It is monitoring calls, text messages, viewing internet history, multimedia files, etc.

To use the wizard you need to download and install the app on targeted person device through the official website (http://www.spyactivity.com).  After successfully done with the installation process, create a user account that needs your email ID and strong password. When the account is created a hacker needs to choose the OS he/she wished to hack. After done with the two steps, begin to hack the Facebook password. It is possibly done by using the keylogger feature.  Just follow these steps as per set instructions provided to make hacking hassle free.


  • Call and SMS tracking– This feature helps a user in tracking call the call logs and SMS that are sent and received. All the details will be listed at the wizard in that includes call’s date, time, duration and contacts involved. SMS details like content, date/time/sender/receiver info will be listed.
  • Facebook activities tracking All the activities that are done on Facebook account like photos uploaded, content shared, friend list, liked pages, etc will be displayed at the dashboard of the app.
  • GPS location tracking The location of a person whether it’s a spouse, children, friend or employees along with whereabouts are hacked.
  • Multimedia files are accessed– All available multimedia files like photos, videos are easily viewed and are shared on the wizard control panel. If a hacker wants those files can be downloaded and saved.



Way 2: forgot my password

Way 5: forgot my password


Website: https://www.facebook.com/help/213395615347144?helpref=topq

Hacking the password has become a lot easier than ever it was. If you are willing to know the password of the victim, making use of forgot my password and then resting password is helpful. To do that a user needs to open up the homepage of the Facebook and user will get three optional namely username, forgot the password and password. Hit on the option forgot my password. Now fill in the registered mobile number that is used by the victim and then hit on the search option. Once the Facebook identifies the account, a user will get the code of confirmation that can be used for changing the Facebook account password.


All the five ways are interesting and simple as this permits a user in hacking the Facebook account password. Not only parents but the spouses are using it for catching their partner’s activities details.  The employers are using it for knowing all that is employees does in the absence of employees. To make the hacking task a lot easier we are recommending you to use TheTruthSpy.

No doubt it is one of the most popular and safer hacking tool that lets a user in hacking anonymously Facebook account and password without letting them get the idea of it. It is fully untraceable and also offers excellent features that include call recorder, GPS location tracker, reading text messages. So, use the app and protect the kids from uncertain threats and cyber bullies.