How to Retrieve deleted text messages
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How to Retrieve deleted text messages


Spying might be tricky job especially when you want to know the history of someone’s cell phone. Also, some people are hard to spy as they are clever and delete every evidence as soon as they receive it on their phone. You can say that some people are like professionals when it comes to cheating.  The main concern of people is to get deleted messages even images or videos for knowing the truth. However, technology bought several innovations and thus there are various applications exist that recover the deleted messages from the phone. Take a look at some of the useful spy apps which are meant to recover deleted and old data.


How to spy deleted text messages Android phones

How to retrieve deleted text messages 

Spyactivity – Spy App allow you spy deleted text messages Android phones

The program has been used by several people when they want to dig out the old information of any cell phone device.  It is mainly used for this purpose plus it is good for everyone and not just for spying. For it, one needs an online account plus compatible with Android & Apple devices.


  • Use browser at www.spyactivity for downloading this program.
  • Your phone number or license key is needed in case you want data back up or recovery of other phone data. I know for spying purpose, this is very costly however definitely worth it when your relations are dying. Spyactivity application has this feature in it and also works well.
  • Whether you are using a tablet or PC, Spyactivity work well with every device. Log in, and it will load and deliver all the required messages & data of another phone into your online account.
  • It is even capable of retrieving the messages and extract complete data within few minutes.


I think the oldest spy program used by the people. Well, not that old but it has been on the market for around eight years. Along with gathering messages (deleted & old), it has all the features of spy applications storing browsing history, GPS, tracking calls, etc. A secure on line account is again required here plus no Jail-break is needed for an iPhone device. The program has been using Over-the-air technology and works same as the Spyactivity.


  • With superior functionality and user-friendly, I recommend this program to anyone who wants to spy on others.

Android and iPhone users face problems when they have to download different applications, but their operating system does not allow them. Jail-breaking might seem the right choice when you are fed with the limited options but with auto forward.

  • Within three steps, the applications will be on your device.
  • Forget jail-breaking as this one is compatible with the operating system of Android phones.
  • Simple to download and offer easy access to others device information.

Regarding privacy, all of these programs stand perfect plus the best way to spy other messages. You may face problem regarding their price, but it’s a onetime investment.