How to Spy on Text Messages Free without Installing Software
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How to Spy on Text Messages Free without Installing Software


Is it possible to spy over Text Messages Free without Installing Software?

People have a habit of hiding personal information that could be anything starting from videos, photos, text messages, etc. This is precisely done by kids and spouse because they don’t want to uncover personal details with the parents and beloved. However, if you find your kid or your spouse doing the same, then you can make use of spy apps that work great and don’t require the installation of software.

Today, there are various apps available in the market that could assist you to spy text messages and other files without the need of installation. This article allows you to keep full attention on your kid by accurately watching their activities without being around them all the time. As you read the article, you get to know how the target is being traced with a pinpoint accuracy that was impossible in earlier days.

Part 1: Spy text messages with no software installation

When it becomes essential to monitor kids or spouse, Spyactivity is one of the best selling software worldwide. You will be able to monitor the live activities of the suspect. It also assists you to gather useful information or data from kids or employees phone under their nose. This way parents can control their kids and save them from outside thefts and dangers. This is also true in the corporate world; employers can monitor activities of doubtful employees and find a way to kick them out of the office.

In order to use the greatest software offered by Spyactivity, you need to visit the link so as to spy messages from social media at free of cost. Wow! Since it is offered for free, it is best to track actions without spending bucks on those apps that promises to offer good services but fail to keep it. It is the safest and most reliable monitoring software till date. Still confused why to choose the Spyactivity app? Read the below paragraph –

Safer app than other apps – the software of Guestspy works legally without any jailbreaking. Since the majority of the spying applications fail to do so, spyactivityy has taken the initiative to offer this benefit to their users.

Track activities and record data – the spyactivity app is accomplished with intelligent software that can track past as well as live activities of the suspect without being around them. You can track suspect social media apps such as FacebookWhatsAppInstagram, viber, etc

Location tracking – location tracking feature enables parents and spouse to figure out the live location of the suspect. You can trace the path on which the suspect usually spends time.

Easy to use– the spyactivity application is not only easy to handle but also offer services 24×7 to their users so that late night conversations and calls can be tracked easily.

Part 2: Step by step guide to spying

Step 1- prepare by visiting the site and creating an account on the SpyActivity home screen. Verify your number.

Step 2- verify information by offering credential information such as password and iCloud ID

Step 3- make use of the dashboard and view all the text messages and call information

The Spyactivity app is the only option available that can help you to spy text messages for free without installing software.


Written By Paul Guilbert

Spyactivity is the next generation of smartphone monitoring software. Do you worry your child or employee is abusing their SMS or Internet privileges? Then install the tamper-proof app directly onto the compatible smartphone you own and wish to monitor