How to spy WhatsApp messages from another phone
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How to spy WhatsApp messages from another phone


Is it possible to spy WhatsApp messages from another phone

On one side where mobile phone tracking and monitoring technology, has largely expanded its ways, on the other side, it is, unfortunately, challenging for all of us to find out the perfect monitoring software. While surfing on the internet, people may go through a lot of applications that support their wish of spying, but eventually, fail in selecting the appropriate one. The basic things that we fail to recognize are our own needs! Unless we are familiar with our problems, we can never find the true companion.


So, are you aware of the reason why you need a spy app? Do you need it to spy on calls, on texts or on multimedia files? Or you are just willing to get the software so as to protect your device from external threats? Well, whatsoever may be the reason, the answer is one and only The SpyActivity. Now, whether you are tired of your children’s behavior, are irritated with your partner’s unexpected actions, or willing to keep the records of your workers, everything can be done right with this one amazing tool.


Thus, you, unlike other applications, TheSpyActivity create a suitable platform for you where you neither have to undergo jail breaking nor have to root the device. All you have to do is, just buy the application and install it either directly on the target phone, or remotely. You will receive a confirmation mail after completion of the installation process, and all the details will be then, sent to your mobile phone instantly. The backup of full spied data will also be kept on your control panel which can be easily accessed by you anytime and anywhere.


Lets you view all WhatsApp conversations and messages

With the help of our high tech and advanced technology, you can easily detect all the inbound and outbound text conversations that are taking place in real time. The texts details are accompanied by time and date, so even if they delete the conversations, you can easily get the full record of all that they have talked about. The information is also stored on your control panel. You can even remotely manipulate the chats, can delete a particular conversation and do a lot more.


Helps you in viewing their multimedia files instantly

Earlier when we just had the facility of email to send information in different formats, today we have got WhatsApp that handles even the heaviest files. Whether it’s audio, video, image, gif or any other thing, the applications lets you transmit each of these with ease. So, in case you wish to peep into their gallery or want to know about the audio clips they shared, you can easily make the use of our app. You can even delete these files permanently from their phone.

It allows you to track their audio calls and video calls as well

The application not only comes with the facility of text conversations but now it also has the amazing capacity to let you make audio and video calls at very affordable internet charges. With TheTruthSpy you can instantly find out all the conversations that are taking place in real time. The complete call is uploaded and saved on your control panel which can be easily viewed as and when you want. All the outbound and inbound calls will be available for you to listen along with their call duration details.


Helps you to view their WhatsApp status even after 24 hours

WhatsApp recently launched another feature of status updates where you can post anything on your timeline which will vanish away after 24 hours. People usually post their current status, what they are feeling, doing, etc. in such posts. They even add their location which can be even more unacceptable. So, with your smart application, you can easily view all their statuses and can check out what all they are posting without even getting detected.


Allows you to view all the details with date and time stamps while uploading it to the control panel

All the details of their WhatsApp account which the application monitors so far, gets updated on your online control panel instantly. Thus, there are no ways of data loss as the info is not only forwarded on to your mobile phone but is eventually stored in your control panel as well. As the detail is assisted with the date, time and sometimes, even with the locations stamps, it becomes easy for you to know where, when and with whom the conversation took place.

Thus, the amazing features of TheSpyActivity bring an all-around protection for you. Every WhatsApp conversation now can easily be monitored by you. Whether you are at your home or office, you can make the use of this application and can instantly extract out all the hidden details of their phone. The software is not only apt for those who are willing to spy on other’s WhatsApp accounts but is duly useful in monitoring virtually and in real time.