How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone
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How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone


Way to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

Do you really think that what others used to search on the internet? In this short article, you will see how internet history is tracked on the cell phone. Are you looking for tracking the web activities of kids? Do you want to know why your partner is spending most of the time using the internet? Also, you would like to ensure that employees are not visiting the work-related sites through the office browser. Then tracking internet history is the only option left behind you.

How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone


Browser history and internet history is all same thing that through any spyware can be easily tracked. With the help of spyware, you as a user can find out the websites visited through browser and location, date, time. Continue on reading this article to know how it is possible to track the web activities of the victim.

Do you know about The Spyactivity? It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy Smartphone spyware that helps the user in figuring out how the web history is tracked. It tracks all the web activities on victim device regardless of OS like iPhone and Android. Even it is possible without undergoing rooting or jailbreaking. The Spyactivity app tracks the Smartphone activities including GPS location, call logs, text messages, social media apps etc. The feature named Keylogger also helps the user in saving the keys pressed on the device for cracking passwords.


To track the internet history you need to follow below listed steps

  • After signing up, Spyactivity will send email, use mail to launch the wizard, use the control panel and install the app on the victim phone.
  • While setting up of the app, you are needed to fill essential details of the target device whose internet history is to be hacked.
  • If you want to know how to track the internet history on the device that is running on Android, follow the direction given below. Go to setting, then to lock screen and security and then unknown sources and hit on Ok. This will allow the app to get installed very much easily.
  • Now follow the instruction to download and install the app on targeted android OS. A user can see all the downloaded files at the Downloads of the phone.
  • Log in on the wizard on the targeted device using account details. Hit on Sign in then to Grant and then allow for facilitating the process of monitoring.
  • The icon of the app will get vanishes from the victim phone as soon as a user begins to control the device through the control panel by hitting on Start Monitoring.